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“When you are an artist, you are a healer.”

"Healing from grief is not the process of forgetting,
it is the process of remembering with less pain and more joy."

GRIEF AWARENESS WEEK November 1-7, 2009
in the 1st State of Delaware

As part of the "Grief Awareness Festival"
Art Instructor Olga van Dijk
invited all Artists and Students of the Academy of Lifelong learning
(University of Delaware, Wilmington Campus)
to participate in a very special art show
Expressing Grief through Art .

Art can help you express emotions that are very hard to put into words.
These forms of nonverbal communication are often more natural ways
to express thoughts and feelings that are difficult to discuss,
particularly when it comes to issues surrounding grief and loss.
I really wish all my students benefit by creating.
It is such a liberating way to look at the creative arts.
You'll be surprised how good it feels, once you get started.
Just remember...
The goal is not to make great art,
but to express yourself greatly.

Subjects of Grief
don’t necessarily have to cover death.
Losses are not just the deaths of loved ones, friends, and acquaintances.
Elderly also experience loss and grief with their diminished ability to do things.
It can cause them to lose a sense of purpose.
There is also the loss of their homes, possessions, health, and vocations,
not to mention their independence.

Grief about your children, who can’t get a long with each other/with you.
Shredded family ties.
Inclining Health
Pet loss and grief: coping with the pain
Immigrants Grief
Mental Health Disabilities
Loss of a job
Sadness behind your eyes
Broken Heart


Governor Jack Markell has proclaimed November 1-7 as
“Grief Awareness Week”
in the First State of Delaware:
He will sign a proclamation in Dover on Wednesday October 28, to designate
the first week of November as Grief Awareness Week.
I hope you will visit the website of the
(click on) Grief Awareness Consortium (GAC)
to learn more.
Approximately 45 organizations statewide are part of the GAC.

The signature event will be on Sunday afternoon, Nov 8, in Newark (DE):
Expressing Grief
- A Festival of Healing through the Arts.

Please attend and make others aware of this opportunity for children and adults.

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2008©
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
With thanks to Lee Anderson PhD

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Anonymous Guest

John McDougall 09 Feb 2010

Hi Olga, you commented on one of my works so I thought I'd check out your stuff too. I had no idea you were an instructor. It means alot you took the time to comment to me. I really loike your work too. This particular one especially. It's just my style. Well, take care and hope to see more of your stuff soon.

kath nepia 15 Nov 2009


Jan van Baarle 15 Nov 2009

Great work!

Cynthia Witsenburg 30 Oct 2009

Olga, Hey there! C = for Cynthia I've been drawing, painting, singing, dancing and making music ever since a was a tiny little girl. Those were the things that made me smile and feel happy no matter what, you understand what I mean?.... Now going on 40, and just recovered from a really serious accident (a broken back) I'm getting back to those things I've always loved... And guess what: Just 1 month from now, I'll have my beautifull darling piano with me again. One month... I'll be moving to a new safe place (appartment groundfloor with garden!). Music, art, and I'm sure... after that I'll get back to work. Work in the sence of the study I've finished... Medicine. In the end it all fits you see... Medicie, anotomy, women, dance, music... That's me I guess... ;) Thanks Olga! C

Artist Reply: Thanks Cynthia.... You went through a lot! Wishing you the speediest of recovery to return to your music and art! Love and Light, Moi

Joan Wulff 30 Oct 2009

Great work!