Woman in Green

This bark abstract tells many stories. The female figure in the center of the photograph wearing green glasses and an elegant green dress is admired for her green hair style with unique highlights. She is a great character for a fantasy story or anynarrative that is a catalyst to your creative imagination. What do you see in this vividly colorful piece that offers the viewer a wonderful and amusing array of images and characters? The lady with the green hair also has an elegant green dress that flows down to the bottom of the photo. She appears to be carrying an animal who looks surprised. On the left are two otherworldly characters conversing. I wonder what they are talking about? The green alien on the right is smiling and they both appear to be immersed in conversation. I am always interested in what you view in my bark abstracts?

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Gary Glass 10 May 2019

beautiful image. it is amazing the colors one sometimes can find on bark of trees. I have one off a eucalyptus tree which has a lot of orange . I like the green on yours. nice work

John Cappello 11 Dec 2014

What a pretty creation! Nice color choice

Sally Pulford 04 Mar 2013

On the upper left in golden browns, I see a vulture like creature looking down upon it's future meal. Sliding down beside it (greens), I see a snake or aligator like creature. Near the center, I see a golden chick, with it's beak turn upward and open waiting to be eaten by another similar preditorial animal. When I compare what I see, such negative and frightful thoughts, to your beautiful narrative, I feel quite saddened. I don't like that I see such negativity when you see a fantasy in beauty. There, you asked what we saw, and I've replied. I would also like to say that when I look past the, to me repulsive thoughts, I see a lovely composition in amazing colours. Truely amazing colours, textures and composition. It appealed to me greatly as it was the first box I clicked on, so excellent work.

S.I. Sheehan 05 May 2012

It's been a while since I have seen any of your work. This is really stunning, Julie. The narrative you have written to accompany it is as original as the bark itself. Blessings ~ Susan

nikos kanellos 18 Mar 2011

Excellent and original capture Julie!