Using my Macro lens, I look for trees that have great texture, colors and imagery so the viewer can project what he sees in my “every tree tells a story” series. Every way you rotate the piece, more stories are revealed. I am always interested in what you perceive in my abstracts from nature. I see shadow people on various parts of what appears to be a mountain. The first lady on the bottom left stands out with her red flowing hair.


Anonymous Guest

marie-claire gallet 04 Nov 2014

S U P E R B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Nov 2014

Good work. And a great thought behind it. Wonderful.

Maurizio Miele 04 Jun 2013

Great shot !

Sally Pulford 04 Mar 2013

Besides this being REMARKABLY BEAUTIFUL!, I see an irridecent purple flamingo in to upper center left. I can't get past her to any other images. I just feel that she is being spectacularly framed. What a gift you have.

Gregory Edwards 23 Jan 2010

As The Bark Learns, cracks to relax by a shift tectonically as its world turns and time will reveal the new cultures to apprise the eyes!!!