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Oh this just has to be my best unicorn yet! I finished her last night,. her horn did not fit on the one sheet of bristol board, so I had to use another, I really love the dramatic effect of a long horn. I am in love with this drawing! And will be taking her back into photoShop injust a few after I get the boys off to school. I can not wait to finish her up and bring her to magical life! I am so happy to feel the flow of creative energy once again! I think moving to this new house has helped us so much in so many ways! Walk in the glow of magic and creativity Always! Peace, Leah

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Junior Mclean 20 Feb 2015


Carol Sawyer 31 Mar 2012

Beautiful work!!

Anonymous Guest 28 Feb 2012

What a great post I just love this aohtur and cannot wait to give my daughter these books to read will be a great introduction into history I think. It's interesting how modern society tends to dismiss past generations' ideas as quackery and nonsense, but when we look closer, we find that maybe they weren't so off after all! Thanks for highlighting this great and hilarious aohtur.

tim linville 08 Dec 2010

This is a classic Leah,Image...very Powerful in flow and form.Beautiful Line Work!

Patrick Boyle 07 Feb 2010

very beautiful unicorn,great work