copyright 2009: this is a piece i did for Crossroads Charlotte Emerging Artist Venue (I was chosen as one of 12 artists to paint during Festival in the Park in Charlotte) Please visit crossroadscharlotte.org for a better understanding of the civic organization but I was suppose to represent the leaderships impact on the community as it relates to making positive choices to build a better future for the city. The city skyline is represented by simple shapes to reflect the multicultural nature of the city (also reflected in the colors used. the cranes represent the growth of the skyline as well as the changing demographic; you'll also notice the cranes that cross (i.e. cross-roads) The leader looks like a clergyman representing the communities religious institutions which we often look to for integrity and guidance. this leader is holding a sceptor which represents illumination and the people following are made up of varied cultures. the figures directly behind him though are based on the Trade and Tryon statues (for those familiar with Charlotte-these figures represent the Future, Commerce, Transportation, and Industry)


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Tyrone Smith 01 Oct 2017


Calvin McFarlane 29 Sep 2009

well stated sir. hope you are finding the time to paint.