Expurgate and hold your tongue…

Self-portrait, photo taken last Thursday. First of all, I would like to say that I do not have my tongue pierced- but I tried really hard to make it look believable. Second, this is symbolic of how censored I feel and how repressed my self-expression has become. Whether with my writing, my artwork or vocalization- I feel generally stifled. An example: As the company I work for becomes more & more involved in the digital age (yes they are far behind in technology)- I find my ‘net’ self being discovered by fellow associates throughout Texas. Being the Texas Regional Creative Director… my reputation is actually pretty significant. With the collision of professional vs. personal on the internet… I find that there is no longer a clear distinction between the two. My personal artwork and my professional artwork are complete polar opposites… and I am concerned that superficial judgments are going to be made. My mom couldn’t see beyond the disgusting pin through my tongue to recognize the symbolism this image represents… what will my business associates think? And will that have an impact on my job? I have to care… which is what makes this type of situation all the more frustrating. I feel like I have to expurgate content, censor and tone down my expressive, passionate nature. And I tell ya… it sucks.


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monique cooper 23 Sep 2009

Well that indeed looks like it might hurt just a bit.. LOL.. which seems to make your story more relivent..it is hard to be what you Have to be in one world and what you Want to be in your personal world.. and truth be known.. i be most artist hear you loud and clear there!!.. I feel for ya hun.. and totally understand!!... Great peice of work here.. always a big fan of your!!!:))

Mary Lou Cupp 23 Sep 2009

Excellent Work...This is Totally Awesome...I Love it! Extremely Profound! It Speaks Loud and Clear...Splendid!

Chris Hoffman 22 Sep 2009

This turned out well. Hard for me to get around the inital reaction to the pierced tongue... but you did a good job because it looks real...and painfull. Seeing it finished I like it much more, the color scheme works well. Good to see you being expressive.

Steve Farr 22 Sep 2009

This is COOL!!!~S

Sharon Gonzalez 22 Sep 2009