RoA Cast - Julie

Julie, one of the supporting characters from my graphic novel.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Apr 2010

your work is beautiful Jake Keep up the good work

Artist Reply: Thank you, Jake! :)

jimmy guan 06 Sep 2009

You are a great digital painter! love all your works!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the great compliment! :)

Bruce Combs 06 Sep 2009

Hey Laura! She always beats me to everything! How nice to be second congratulating you under this fine portrait, and I want to join the many many wonderful people, who are also all fine artists, who will be welcoming you in the coming days. I look forward to seeing more of you beautiful work. I do have one criticism, however. Your self-portrait painting does not come anywhere close to doing justice to the beautiful young woman's photo where your headshot should be! : D Maybe it's the weather? :-) I'll be watching you, Laura! Peace, etc., Bruce Combs

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Bruce, for your kind words and your warm welcome! I know the face in my self portrait isn't completely realistic, it's hard to get that right. Though I wouldn't say my actual face is necessarily more beautiful than the painting ;) Thank you for the compliment! :)

Anneke Hut 03 Sep 2009

Hi Laura, great to see you here! What a surprise that you joined! You already know that I love your graphic novel and all the beautiful pictures that you make for it! This is a beautiful portrait of Julie!

Artist Reply: Hi mom! It's fun to be on here :) Thank you for your nice words! :D