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I won't bore you too much with the details of this shot,but this was destined to be dumped in the recycle bin.I had second thoughts about it and managed to create something halfway decent with a hell of a lot of 'post-work'.........We were driving through one of my favourite places,great vistas (on a nice day),we drove up to this spot and then the Heavens opened,it Pi**ed it down,big time,so we ran back to the car (as ya do),I was feeling rather miffed because I could'nt get the shots I wanted but,as the preverbial trooper I am I got out of the car,camera covered and started 'snapping away',I was not going to stand there adjusting my camera settings,so I just shot off a few snaps.When I got home I then looked through what I had taken and came across a few photos from this rainy day,ok,in the Bin I thought,but I thought hang on,I could salvage something out of these if I used the HDR system.I created 9 (nine) variations of the same shot (increasing and decreasing exposure) and put it through the 'Photomatics HDR' program.A lot of various tweeks and manipulation twiddles I ended up with this little 'masterpiece' (lol).Ok,It's not perfect,but it was fun to create something that was rubbish.I think it's got a bit of charm about it.Strange colours.It works. (c) Griffleoart 2009

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Darien Griffiths 22 Oct 2009

it was raining all the time we went, it was ok, but there was to much climbing for me and i think david will sat this aswell.

Kovács János 05 Sep 2009

Fantastic capture!!!!!! :)

Maria Anna Machado 04 Sep 2009


jamie winter 04 Sep 2009

you know this is just awesome work,, I think it is perfect. it is very very excellent and my pick of the dday

Mike Helechu 03 Sep 2009

Glad you followed your gut instinct and took the shots, and that you spent all that time tweaking this one on the computer. The colors aren't weird. . .it's nice to see them asserting themselves, especially on what must have been a very gray day. Very nicely done.