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Positive Poem/Sigga's Iceland

Thank you to Sigridur (Sigga) Bachmann for allowing me to paint from her beautiful photo of her gorgeous Iceland. I wrote this poem yesterday and thought “Sigga’s Iceland” perfect for it. I call the poem “Positive”...... Positivity in life goes a long way. It can be a night’s light and brighten your day. A nice person is kind to all, minus none. A kind heart loves ev’ry one; judges noone. Sunshine in life is rain, clouds, and a big smile. To love these is to love life in all it’s style. It’s living positive and accepting all. It is enjoying life and seeing no fall. Everything is up and nothing is down. It is wearing a smile instead of a frown. The cliche that your cup is full is so true. To see it half empty is to feel some blue. Short is life, for sure, but it can be quite sweet If we love and smile at everyone we meet. So have a very happy and loving day. Live it full, live it now, and live it your way. Sharon Gonzalez

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Anonymous Guest

MJ Mitchell 31 Oct 2009

How so sweet and wonderful! beautiful!

artistinthecountry 17 Sep 2009

Thank you for reminding us the life is to be lived.... negative thinking can actually make you ill... sometime we forget and need to be reminded... thanks...lee

Tree Pruitt 29 Aug 2009

The words go wonderfully with the imagery! Very cool!

Jan van Baarle 28 Aug 2009


Lorna Skeie 28 Aug 2009

Beautiful poem, beautiful artwork. Definately poste material