Miriel, The Embroideres-2

Size: 57x75.5 cm Watercolour and white gouashe. Females in myth, legend and medieval romance are often associated with textile handwork such as spinning, weaving and embroidery.Such crafts were regarded as powerful sources of magical power - tools used to shape human destiny. Remember the Moirae of the Greek or Nordic Norns . Embroidery in particular was a complicated system of codes and signs used by women in protective amulets, love and luck charms etc. Patterns such as the Tree of Life told the female story of the undying family continuum through the past and into the future. Embroideress is therefore not only the historian, the keeper of memory, she also is a maker of her own destiny and the destiny of her people. Tolkien's Mireiel, the elven maiden who chose the destiny of a weaver and a narrator of elven history in the Halls of the Dead , possesses all these attributes. If interested in this or other paintings, please, visit my homepage at http://www.celebrinloth.com

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Liz Robinson 22 Aug 2009

Excellent detail Alla and lovely watercolour.

Artist Reply: thank you!!!