The Memory of Innocense

Size: 75.5x57 cm watercolour & white gouache This painting is a result of my search for a new identity after the abrupt end of my first passionate but destructive relationship, the only sincere explanation I offered my first lover. This is also a cry of disillusionment and confusion, desire and its painful fulfillment. What do you see on the horizon, my lonely friend? The shadow of your past pure but fragile Self or a shape of a young, beautiful and strong Woman and a dawn of a real Love?

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Anonymous Guest

X-Chel 23 Jun 2020

Wonderful art and explanation of the symbolism! You could be the ultimate LOTR-artist i m h o with regards to your exquisite Celtic fantasy-art, and I can easily see the Elven side of most of your painted characters/humanoids.

Frank Mayes 28 Nov 2012

I see we have a common interest in our painting... I enjoyed the viewing and the complexity of the work.

Elizabeth Janus 28 Jan 2011

You soul is full of passion ....your art is breathtaking ...I am sure that new door are open for you - turn and you'll see ....

Artist Reply: Thank you so much... I don't have words anought to express how importent it is to find such an understanding for what I want to say with my art.

Helga Haefkens 29 Mar 2010

I love your fantasie!!!

Vivian Gutierrez 22 Dec 2009

Beautiful work!