Angels in the Vines

New egg tempera original painting by Linda Paul. Framed Size 45" x 35". Artist's Inspiration: I had this idea for an artwork with angels or cherubs in the kitchen. When I did the sketch, the idea transformed from angels in the kitchen to angels in the vineyard. I liked the idea that there are guardian angels of the grapevines and wine making. My vineyard is inspired by my trips though Napa and Sonoma Valley, they are such magical places. I hope my painting invites you to want to sit at the table in this vineyard and enjoy a nice glass of wine.


Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 29 Jun 2009

Great Kudos, this just pops and bursts forth with exquisitely rendered, well experienced and creative energy

Anneke Hut 27 Jun 2009

It's lovely, Linda! The warm colours and the composition are beautiful! Welcome to ArtWanted.