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Twister Passed

Vibrantly colored clouds in a skyscape, including that tell tale tornado green, begin to dissipate into a rich blue sky after a twister passed nearby in this digital photomanipulation print. Shop print posters, cards & more featuring this image


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 01 Jun 2009

now that is a wicked chatch Darling!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Glad you enjoyed!

Kovács János 31 May 2009


Artist Reply: :) Glad to evoke a wow from you! It wowed me too. I usually don't get to see such clouds because I'm taking shelter!

Cindy Sugg 31 May 2009

Wonderful photo Tree...such mighty power!

Artist Reply: Thank you Cindy! There were two storms together, and wow did they move fast; Yes, certainly a lot of power!

Mike Helechu 31 May 2009

I've never seen a tornado but I've seen those green clouds. Very scary. Mother Nature always looks great right after she's been real bad. Good eye for catching those clouds. Nicely done.

Artist Reply: Hello Mike! Thanks so much for your comment. Usually I'm on the more scary side of a wall cloud so I was thrilled to get to see these pretty puffs. :) Hope you never get to see a twister other than on the television!