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picture to illustrate the part of the universe where life can exist far from the peering eyes of mans hubble telescope after all would you like to have the eye of a telescope watching you take a shower?

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 05 Apr 2014

My first thought, too, was, Meh. He'll be back. What with Supes, Cap, and Batman all sufrfeing high-profile deaths', followed by a returns, this'll be just one more of the same. However, I think the most important point to consider is, Did this make a good story? I haven't been reading this arc of FF, but I read an interview with the writer, and he seemed quite personally wrapped up in the effect, IN-STORY, of the character's heroic loss. If it really is as good and engaging as the writer hoped it would be, then I think that's all that really matters.It is amazing, though, that the media is still jumping on top of this. I mean, really: Superman and Captain American, I get the fuss. This one? Not so much.Hg

ria damen 05 Feb 2012

Wonderful Great Work, complimenten

Rick Gallego 04 Feb 2012

Wow, I really like your style, a depth layered surreal folk art that weaves a recurring theme of inter-demensional (im)possibilities. Beautiful family too.

Joshua DeMaris 22 Mar 2010


francis kwok peng kin 05 Aug 2009

many great details and creative work.