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Ocean Goldenrock Metrocity Year 3064

Trancevision of Kiddolucaslee


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Cindy Sugg 30 May 2009

How eerie, it...I love the colors and the lighting

Artist Reply: Though its a Digitalwork but I applied OLD Master coloring & highlighting..we were so much been exposed to Oldtime works..that will ease our soul

Calvin McFarlane 30 May 2009

and the future beckons

Artist Reply: We will not be here anymore....the future will see this art..they will judge my vision

ruth sears 27 May 2009

very good work.

Artist Reply: Thank you

Maria Anna Machado 27 May 2009


Artist Reply: I had a heart to tell the world about this future..that s 200 years later from the date of my birth