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Warsaw Ghetto -the Holocaust Wall * 2009

The Warsaw Ghetto ( in Poland ) consisted of 100 square city blocks of slum section of the city Around the enclose it..the NAZIs had the Jews built a brick wall of some 8 feet high Christians lived on the other side of the wall -free...while the Jews lived inside as PRISONERS Guards with riffles and machine guns stood ready to obey the Law , which read : " Jews who leave without authorization will be punished by death..the same punishment applies to persons who knowingly provide a hiding place for the Jews " Ghetto life offered 2 choices : to die quickly of a bullet....or slowly of hunger The truth...many children died of hunger inside this wall ..a Holocaust wall * Warsaw Ghetto - the Holocaust Wall (2009 ) by Kiddolucaslee


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Wabyanko Designs 22 Mar 2013

Great Artwork !

Maureen Bloesch 06 May 2009

Beautiful work!

Artist Reply: Thanks

darrell parrott 06 May 2009

Your work is so wonderfull it makes me want to learn more about abstract!

Artist Reply: I did a few pieces of handpainted abstract..then I moved on with Digital abstract...minimum I can create 5-7 digital abstracts per week Please do know that I had many pieces 'trash' away...coz I m not pleased with

ruth sears 06 May 2009

I have read extensively on the Holocaust and Nazi regeme,this is very well done and great caption to it.

Artist Reply: I wanted to put..or hang a few skull on to the wall..should I do some Egyptian Curse...or rather something else? I remember the Wall of Warsaw in Poland...during WWII