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Battle of the Spirit..the Soul & the Flesh * 2009

The Tribals wage war by wearing Headgears which were magically charmed ... some even been ritually soaked in Human blood Many do not know that in ancient days....Warlords of Old China had their Battle Armour soaked with human blood for ritualprayer....human sacrifice to honor the ' Lords of Battle ' ( the leader demons) Headgear is a Symbol of Battle and Status Life is a March into many battles I used RED to show heated battles Some of my theme...I used STILL LIFE to speak Life Composition * Battle of the Spirit..Battle of the Soul..Battle of the Flesh (2009) Kiddolucaslee Trance Abstract of Kiddolucaslee


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Maureen Bloesch 06 May 2009

great colors!

Artist Reply: Thanks

darrell parrott 03 May 2009

I do not understand it but I like it!

Artist Reply: Sure...I appreciate your honesty

Regina Coeli deWinter 03 May 2009

Really bold and impressive work.

Artist Reply: My pleasure