Abrahamic covenant

From Genesis 15:18. A blood covenant was sealed when participants passed between cut pieces of flesh. The Hebrew word covenant implies a sense of "cutting" a compact. If one party failed to keep its end it agreed to accept the same fate as the animals they walked between. The illustration is not of the unconditional Abrahamic blood covenant, because Abraham never actually made the walk. God put him to sleep. This covenant's ultimate fulfillment would rely completely upon God's faithfulness to keep His Word. Gen 12:1-3 reads,”God gave the land of Canaan to him and his seed to make of Abraham a great nation and to bless those who bless him and curse those who curse him."

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Chas Sinklier 27 Apr 2009

Me fav covenant Andrew - got the ball rolling - would love to have been there for that one - maybe more deals should be struck in the same way ~:0)