Abalone Shells

In support of a local restoration project, I painted these abalone shells found in the Pacific Northwest. Shining with pearly ocean color make these shells one of my favorite. For more information please visit the Alternate Website link.


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Fernando Machado 04 Nov 2010

beautiful work Magnifico

stephen smith 06 Jan 2010

wow. i love the texture you get in the sand, and the bubbles look so real too. great job.

Mike Helechu 12 Mar 2009

Beautifully done Amy. I couldn't tell from the thumbnail if it was a painting or photograph. You have indeed captured the distinctive beauty of the inside of this shell. Very nicely done.

Artist Reply: Thanks Mike! Yep, the abalones are in oil paint. You are very talented with your photography work, I can't wait to see more.

Ingrid Kolster 12 Mar 2009

This painting is great.

Artist Reply: Thanks Ingrid!

Anneke Hut 12 Mar 2009

I can imagine it's your favourite, it shows your great talent, Amy!