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Organicbridges of Sapphire Cave * 2009

Trance Abstractscape of Kiddolucaslee


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Frances Perea 30 Mar 2009


Artist Reply: Thank You so much

Cindy Sugg 28 Feb 2009

Oooo Kiddolucas this is OUTSTANDING...looks like a great design with swords...LOVE IT

Artist Reply: Currently places me within the 3rd -5th Position out of TOP BEST 100 ( 100th Positioning ) Fantasy Artist I have a tough time to maintain my position within the Best 10 out of 100 Top Best When I introduced my Newfound Digital Style..guess is the Pioneer of Selfowned rank shot from 76th position to 10 th Im at 5th -4th Position Im in my mid age 45 years old...many fantasy artists are around younger then 30 yrs s tough to match up with this aggressive young people...if I dont do something unique & different..I wont be able to stand with them Im glad my New style..perhaps its History in our era...had catches my younger eyes to appreciate my arts....European younger fans also had sent many wishes to express their love for my artstyle Artwanted still floods with TRADITIONALists Thank again for your Unselfish time and artpassion towards my arts * Kiddolucaslee ( MALAYSIA)

Alan Berkman 28 Feb 2009

Incredibles! Something I could stare at for hours whilst under the correct influences!

Artist Reply: Im using my ' 3rd Eye ' to see & visualise the landscape....trying to do the BEYOND...I want my art too be far different from others Thankyou for your Enthusiasm