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I live! Lost my mojo for a while. Then, when I was trying to get back into it my computer was just waaaay tooOo slow. Built a new computer and now things pop right up! *PoP!* I love it. This is MY Sam. Mine!

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Anonymous Guest

Chris Hoffman 25 Feb 2009

Good to see new work from you. Now that you have that new PC we expect much more. You need to show me these brushes you found... looks good.

Anonymous Guest 24 Feb 2009

luv it, missed your portraits. thanks

william maldonado 24 Feb 2009

very cool work

monique cooper 24 Feb 2009

oh Pretty in Pick!!!.. Nice to see you back!!!!.. Love your stuff!!!

Mary Lou Cupp 24 Feb 2009

Excellent, you are extremely Talented!