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where the spirit of link sits

this is what happens when i get what i want. on thursday i found the zelda mangas by akira himegawa. i was so excited becouse i had been looking for it FOREVER! but there was one thing that scared me to death, link talking. what might he say? lets see, what did he say? OH he said DANG! or something worse than it....... so i lost what had made me love link.... his pure heart. for 3 days i stayed off the internet afraid of what i will see next. i put up a post in the general chat here asking what to do. Pat Merewether gives out really good advise.... (thanks pat ^-^) i read the rest of the manga and there were no more sware words. O_o what was that all about? but i still didnt love link as much as i did a week ago. so i started surching for the majora's mask manga ( or Zelda no Densetsu: Majora no Kamen ^.^) and the such came up with a bunch of places they would sell henti! WHYYYYY!!!!!!! so thats how link died. not physicaly but in my heart. i wrote some stuff to the stuff to the side of this pic. i cut it off when i scanned it. it said: As I walk throw the grave yard I reach the one of my love. my hearts moan for him. his heart was once pure. his eyes could drown you. his death was too sudden, too fast for me to think. I leave flowers for you, oh warrior of Hyrule. A tear slowly falls down my cheek. I know you are in pain too, dearest link-chan. I turn away from the grave where the spirit of link sits................ this was origanally a poem but it trailed off somehow. I think I have gone throw this befor? I hope I still love him......... ;___;

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Forgot to add in the comment -.-' It looks great!