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Comingday of New Resurrection * 2009

Art of Kiddolucaslee


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Cindy Sugg 09 Jan 2009

Another nice piece those colors

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot..fren

Emily Reed 09 Jan 2009

Oh wow, how imaginative!

Artist Reply: A normal practise for past 3 months ago..I threw patches of Digital colors on the box screen...randomly...or unevenly..or scatteringly...I will never think what I want to create at this early point...I swing the colors around...twisted the box upsidedown..or reversingside...I start to probe into the colors blending...I look for hiddened element..if I cant find any..I continue to play around the colors until something appeal...from that 'appealing'..I will struck the wanted creation...constructing my subject....short in saying that I do not know what I wanted from the I had mentioned ' imaginative'...I realised such method works too !!!!