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William J. Griffith 29 May 2004

I like the style to your work, very cool.

ArtAblaze 16 Apr 2004

kinda funny...though i guess that is not what u intend to do here?..I love it,you r good but need a bit more neatness, in my opinion..

Dawn Landrum 06 Apr 2004

Now that is a big foot. hahaha Cool!

Angel Hede 13 Mar 2004

I would put exactly word-for-word and paragraph-by-paragraph of how much i like this, and render my awe of the subtlety of your extraordinary work. But i'm afraid that if i wrote it all i'd be short of space before i am through. So to put in as short amount of words as i can in all honesty you have an inimitable talent. Your proportions are awesome and your details exceptional. The shading tops its perspective and your style is sole. I can read the deffinition of artistry by looking at your drawings. Art's more than a page and form. Keep up your good work!

Hinsel Scott 11 Mar 2004

this is a good character design done with your own particular style. the feet seem a little over large and it could be cleaned up a little but this image has definite potential.