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Thank You

At last! Finally i reach 50 images before 2009! This time i want to recollect some old memories of mine. See these 4 girls in the photo? They're 4 (anime) girls that really made big impact in my life. First one is the brown haired girl, i don't remember from which anime she came from.. but i only remember her name as 'Maiko'. She's the first anime girl i ever really like, and that when i was in 6th grade - _-! And because of her, i realize that there is 'another world' full of dreams and imaginations. Second, is the yellow haired with red ribbon, is Minako Aino from Sailor Moon series (by Naoko Takeuchi). When i was in Junior High, Sailor Moon was very popular.. but i only like Minako especially, and i can spend days just to learn how to draw her :p I draw her a lot that time (Now, i wonder, where the hell all her pictures i made back then?). Third is the black- haired with red ribbon, Nakoruru from SNK's fighting game Samurai Showdown series. That time, i was turned into 'half' gamers because of her. I spend lots of times just to learn her moves and skills in arcade. The result? I'm still sucks at it -_-! But thanks to her, i also learn that outside anime and manga, gaming world also can be a good reference. And the last one, the red haired girl with yellow hairband, probably one of the biggest turning event in my life, Shiori Fujisaki, from Konami's legendary game: Tokimeki Memorial:Forever With You. I was playing her game 'the drama series', and i still remember one of her question that really changed my way of thinking: 'What are you going to do?' (note: In Japanese of course) That simple question really made me think about what am i gonna do with my life? What i really want to do? What do i want to achieve? And after sometimes struggling with those questions, i decided for myself the first time in my life. I took formal Japanese course to understand her words better, i chose Visual Graphic Design as major in college, and decide that i will draw for the rest of mylife, etc..etc.. Sometimes before, i was wondering "am i strange to be easily influenced by anime girls?", but who cares. They were and will always be the part of my life and now i feel proud of it! For the creators of these 4 wonderful girls, i thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 13 Apr 2012

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kim isabella 15 Mar 2009

cool ^^ u still drawing until now.., wow.. i miss those character so much. cool stuff, willie

Larissa Ferreira 29 Jan 2009

Wonderful! It's a great composition. Thank you for yor gorgeours works to delight our eyes.

Cassie Norwood 23 Jan 2009

That's a great picture, it's cool that you drew something so meaningful. The sketches in the background are nice too.