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Watercolor Residence Painting

This is a transparent watercolor painting of a home in Kansas. What a treat to spend time painting such a lovely and inviting scene with sunlight dancing across their front lawn and sweet little pink flowers throughout. Painted in watercolor. 16" x 13"

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Anonymous Guest

Li Bo 01 Feb 2010

WOW! That is great work as always,

Claire Wilson 14 Jul 2009

A Truly lovely painting!

Jerrie Glasper 14 Mar 2009

Hello, Kerra, I'm am an artist that wanted to paint your portrait for an art show quite some time ago. It is the same portrait that you painted yourself as your profile photo...You've done a terrific job at painting a beautiful lady and this residential house painting is impressive, as well. Your skills overall have improved, noticably, within the last 1 1/2 years or so. Good luck to you.

Renata Cavanaugh 24 Feb 2009

Beautiful artwork Kerra

jimmy guan 06 Feb 2009

Fantastic Compostion. A wonderful watercolor painting!