Jesus- A Man of Sorrows [ with faux matte]

Based on a mural I did in a church in Lock Haven earlier this year, this is a cropped mirror image that has been digitally repainted. It is depicting Jesus on the last night of his earthly ministry~ Pondering and praying and remembering~ The sun is setting, symbolizing His ministry coming to an earthly end~ He sees the river, where John baptized Him years earlier- He clenches His fist, thinking of the impending doom coming in 70 AD- He sees the temple, where He had chased away the moneychangers!~ He is on a cliff, recalling His discourse with satan in the wilderness- He is seated, as He will be at the right hand of God His Father - He is barefoot, in reverence to His Father, as we are to take off our shoes when standing on Holy Ground~ There are flowers, that symbolize the funeral wrap He will be placed in. There is hope as the sun sets, a new day will dawn as He is the Light of the World and He will come again to take us to be with Him in glory one day!Each sunrise is a reminder of His promises to us all~


Anonymous Guest

Miguel Moraes 17 Jun 2009

Very beautiful!

Artist Reply: Thankyou Miguel, for your comments on my artwork~ Your encouragement means alot to me~ I have a free promotional site especially for artists from AW, that I'd like you to advertise your AW portfolio free at:

Marika Antal 26 Apr 2009

oh super work!!

Sharon Gonzalez 25 Dec 2008