The Children

From Mat 19:13,14. When some children were brought to Jesus to lay His hands on them and pray, the disciples rebuked the kids for inattention towards their host. But Jesus said to let the children alone. This line of scripture is the illustration. Jesus assured His disciples that unless they were converted and made like little children they could not enter His kingdom. Younger children don't desire authority, are free from malice and teachable. A story came to my attention from a favorite radio teacher of mine where members complained to a pastor that.. "kids were chewing gum in the church." The pastor reminded his well intentioned parishioners that.. "No, the church was chewing gum in the building."

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Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez 25 Dec 2008

Wow! I love your religious paintings! G-D be praised! I love the 3 dimensional effect.