This is little Faery has the gift of creating, she paints on anything she can find in her forest..The other faeries always know where little Erin has been cause there's always a trail of paint..on the trees..on leaves..on the mushrooms...someimes even on the butterflies...who come to watch her paint...Erin's wings changes colour when she is inspired by something new..her wings are now the colour of leaves in the fall..she was inspired by a beautiful tree she was living in, on one of her many travels...


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Francis Rivera 13 Sep 2006

I love it! I love every single one of your paintings! They are all very gorgeous and patintently detailed...Very nice Melissa! ^_^

Simon Pike 03 Oct 2004

How enchanting!

Erin Fox 14 Apr 2004

this is awesome MY name is ERIN! and i love to draw and pain... hehe soo cool!

WESTERN ARTWORK By Denny Karchner 05 Apr 2004

nice seeing a watercolor among so much digital Melissa. great style and technique--Denny