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The King is Drunk * 2008

* Art of Kiddolucaslee


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Michael Morris 15 Dec 2008

You work is great, and also your so true comments about the "hits" issue. Just commented on one, since I like them so much, I would have to spend many months to be fair in my comments. Wonderful compositions!

Artist Reply: It s difficult to determine what kind of arts that you prefer more to upload into this I see that many veterans community are stationing here For past 2 years I had been seriously thinking..what sort of themes are worth investing my time? We can draw..paint...more & more..but that wont help us to put our 'career' higher Of course..we ve 2 category of people here...The Professionals..and the Hobbyists Another question is ' Are we looking for fame?' Not a wrong if we are into that pursuvance I asked myself many I painting beautiful arts..or I opt to build an International Recognition by doing some subjects extraordinary..and that will place me in the Great MASTER Category one day ( at least) I had received a Gold Ribbon and a Silver Honor from 2 different European websites..this is just the beginning,,I guess I encourage you to use your precious time wisely...I painted what my Clients my free time..I create themes which every Global citizen would loves to have...something fresh to look at

Trine Meyer Vogsland 14 Dec 2008

very drunk I'd say

Artist Reply: Im drunk in creativity..hahahhaaaahhhhh..Thanks