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Maharaja Elephant Caught in Fire * 2008

This is a story of the recent MUMBAI ATTACKs and Atrocity ...India was caught in an Outrageous terrorism The attackers slipped quietly from their boat under the cover of darkness Each grabbed a backpack, then headed across the beach and into the heart of Mumbai, India's largest city Dressed in cargo pants and T-shirts, they could have passed for college students-except for the automatic rifles at their sides Two of the men walked into a busy train station and started firing at anyone who moved A few blocks away, two others lobbed grenades into hospitals and a cafe Two more men stormed the Oberoi hotel Rich Diffenderffer heard screaming and glanced down from a balcony at the Oberoi "There's a guy running along shooting people," the Delaware businessman told The Associated Press "It's like a Names Bond movie, but it's really happening " The shooter burst into a hotel restaurant where 13-year-old Naomi Scheer of Virginia was having dinner with her father The two Americans didn't have time to escape. A family friend later identified Naomi's body slumped in the blood and shattered glass She had died reaching out to her dad, who lay dead a few feet away The 10 shooters terrorized Mumbai for three days, killing more than 170 people and wounding hundreds more They took hostages inside the Oberoi and Taj Mahal hotels. Rachel Cirincione of New York says she tried to escape from her room at the Taj Mahal hotel, but she found fires raging in the hall She thought about jumping through the flames but heard gunfire "They were shooting people as they were running down the stairs," Art of Kiddolucaslee..this is a True happening...this art was created to remember the Horrifying Blackdays *Art of Kiddolucaslee

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