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In the style of Chuck Close

Over a year ago, when I was on my mosaic binge, I read about Chuck Close and was fascinated as to how to simulate this. Failed at that time, but recently, they ported the Filter Factory plugin for the GIMP and one of the presets for it was Vasarely Mosaic. With this filter/preset, and a few other tweaks, I believe I have Chuck nailed. What do you think? :)


Anonymous Guest

Sharon Gonzalez 04 Nov 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks Sharon. When I first saw Chucks work, I thought to myself that surely I should be able to simulate this. A year and a half later, I finally found a way. Happy I am. My hobby is simulating artistic styles, and this one, though simple in look, was more harder to figure out then I planned. :)

Emily Reed 04 Nov 2008


Artist Reply: I really appreciate the comments Emily. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to get close to Chuck's style. :)