A Trip to Peixeiras with Amando and Co.

I did this sketch a while back and I still have more work to do to it. This will probably get altered and done into a pencil drawing.... I promise Amando I will get this started and finished soon.... I will.


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Chien-Hua Chang 03 Nov 2008

looking forward to seeing the finished work!

Armando Salas 26 Oct 2008

Only now I see this drawing, sorry. I'm not "really" around during the last week and my Artwatch isn't enabled since I'm getting tons of spam mails and don't know how solve the problem. Love this sketch, Kukua; love the elegance of these young and beautiful peixeiras. The double vertical lines on the left side suggest a CD box and your definitive drawing could be a wonderful cover for a CD containing Galician music. Cannot wait for your creation :-) Brilliant work, much more than a promise :-) MY PIC OF THE DAY. xox

Rachel McSwan 26 Oct 2008

Great sketch!

Sharon Gonzalez 22 Oct 2008