It Is Finished

This was the cry Jesus made from the cross before yielding up his spirit. Our focus on crucifixion horror makes difficult a realization that this was not a tragedy but an achievement. God's plan of redemption for fallen man made in His image would demand perfect sacrifice with perfect requirements. Every i was dotted and every t was crossed concerning an acceptable family lineage. Sabotage attempts would occur from the perfect evil after the hint of the plan surfaces just prior to Adam and Eve's Eden exit. What was finished at today's crucifixion had been in motion for four thousand years. Jesus who was fully man and fully God always had control. It was not six inch nails that held Him to the wood. It was love.

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Chas Sinklier 12 Oct 2008

These illies are so richly done Andge - they're wonderful - be great to do a classic illustrated Bible - bewdy ~:0)