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Via della Zonta

Downtown Trieste there is a street named "Via della Zonta", the local term "zontar" meaning "to add". This is because there used to be a fountain where the "mlechherze" (milkmaids) coming downton from the country to sell their milk used to stop to add some water to it... Hehe consider however that the law at the time imposed milk should have 35% fat (yup, you read it right, no comma missing... thirty five percent!!!!)- The original idea of this artwork started when Armando Salas posted some photos of "leiteiras" to be used as reference. I didnt use those photos, but this is my version of "leiteiras" :) Gouache on paper. 30*40 cm.

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Anonymous Guest

Cristina Andrisan 13 Jan 2009

Great gouache,it is so have just caught the moment,Incredible!

Marja-Leena Landry 10 Oct 2008

Very "telling" and visual,the colors are brilliant!!

Armando Salas 10 Oct 2008

Hi, Cris. I already saw this work but I wasn't in mood to comment (a lot of clinical tests). What can I say? Your skills ant technique are simply amazing, brilliant, and this work is a masterpiece. I adore this version because it shows the differences (and likeness) between countries and cultures.--- I'm glad because the Peixeiras challenge gave encouragement and inspiration to few people in order to try new sujects and experiences. Few days ago I was at my friend Gascon's studio. This sculptor (71 years old, I guess) didn't work in art field in the last ten years because of his business. During years, every time I met him, the same words: "Pepe, you cannot leave art. Your skills are a gift and you MUST use them. Your art is your legacy. Think about it". Finally I won and Pepe Gascón came back to art. Nowadays he is painting and sculpting in an enthusiastic way and three sculptures are placed in our town.

Pamela Davidson 04 Oct 2008

Truly inspired Christina, your series is a delight, I love how you've used the same dress colors for continuity.. a pleasure to view!

Anne Vis 21 Sep 2008

Awesome artwork, Cristina, great style!