Evil Pumpkin Patch

Evil Pumpkin Patch is a large (18x24") painting with lots of texture all over. It depicts 3 very gnarly textured trees (2 trees in the foreground and one in the background), situated in and around a pumpkin patch. There are 5 pumpkins in this patch ranging in size from very large to very small (the 2 smaller ones are further away in the background). This "pumpkin patch" is no ordinary pumpkin patch, though! It looks like it's actually being infiltrated by a large, evil spirit "jack-o-lantern" type pumpkin, with a scary carved face and spooky glowing yellow features -(This is defintely NOT the "Great Pumpkin" that Charlie Brown had waited all night for!) This would be a wonderful decor piece for all your Halloween parties and gatherings!

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Sharon Gonzalez 18 Sep 2008