Those Watching EyEs...

When I was very young, I learned that in life, there's coincidences.
" It's just a coincidence "... Some people used to say... I used to believe it.
Few days ago, I found myself saying so at a friend's portfolio...
YET.. I truly don't believe today, in coincidence.
There's reasons why things are happening to us... and why things occur in our life, at a specific timing...There's reason, why people enter our lives in particular minute and going out of our LIFE, From another good reason.
Other people may have roles in our lives... one role or another.
They are IN, for their role, to teach us, or learn from test our understanding, to help our self growth , to make us prepared for another role in LIFE...and much more..
When they finished their role... they'll leave our life.
We can SO WELL, sEE it here in the internet.
To me personally the internet sharpened the "eye sight"... of these , let's call them coincidences... ??... - REASONS !!
OH Yeah... !!! ... I so much know that some of the incidences are pure inspiration...
But others are meant to happen for a reason.
Thanks for viewing and commenting... Thanks for being part of my LIFE...
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 28 Jun 2013

Exquisite composition, full of grace, harmony,immense Variety of color tones

Caballero Salguero 19 May 2010

Excellent piece abstract my dear Nira, you belle blood and soul, hide in this work, beautiful, my friend, José

Shahram S. Nahavandi 14 Feb 2009

I love your new photo dear Nira. Nice title, colors too:)

Gabrielle Stahlie 06 Dec 2008

Very beautiful work dear Nira

Magda Elsehrawi 08 Oct 2008

Nina your whole portfolio is an exquisite explosion of color! I adore all your work..... but this is an incredible design! well done :)