My Paintings Book Vol. 3  Covers

The top is the front cover and the 2nd photo the back cover of my 3rd volume Paintings Book. I will soon start Volume 4. These books are my record of every painting I have created. Each book has a clear plastic page on top of the front and on top of the back which makes it more difficult to photograph. Yes, I could turn that plastic page and photograph directly on the covers, but then it would not be the total book I created.

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John Cappello 22 Feb 2016

Awesome View.

Karen Helsing 11 Apr 2011

Very well done!

Caballero Salguero 11 Jun 2010

Great group of painting and photographs Sharon, excellent view, original and sophisticated and great idea, gorgeous, José

Mirek Antoniewicz 09 Nov 2008

Sharon:) beautiful and creative idea, gratulation

Kellie Hogben 04 Nov 2008

Hi Sharon! Thanks for your comments on my newest paintings :-) I have recently been thinking about making something like this ^^^^ for myself! How many pieces do you have in each book? What sort of size are the photos that you put in? Kellie