We Dream The Child

A child lost, or stolen, hidden away. We dream the child back, on a Hill with power and intent. In the fog, in the dark, with the dew upon us, we dance deosil, with knowledge and intent. Swirling, hand to hand, bringing back the power of the soul, Child, Mother, twirl with us as we open the morning with gladness. Divinity is once again amongst us. Image and text created by Susan Isabella Sheehan. “Art Is The Perception Of An Altered Reality©”. Copyright 2008 Surreal Digital Artist™. I invite you to visit "SurrealDigital Artist.com


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Vera Harned 17 Feb 2009

Super work! Beautiful

Los Santonio 12 Nov 2008

You have both beautiful artwork and poetry. If you should ever find yourself with the desire to have your poetry published in the form of songs/musicial compositions, I would love to create that opportunity for you. Sincerely Los Santonio

Ralph Miller 20 Aug 2008

Excellent, title to this!

Sharon Gonzalez 18 Aug 2008


Anneke Hut 18 Aug 2008

A great picture and description, Susan! Thank you for sharing them with us.