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• Human Nature IV•

Human beings are like the sea. Peaceful and wild, beautiful on the surface. The world in it is hidden and needs to be concored. It is quite surprising to have a look into the sea, a man or a woman. I also liked the mystical mood of this portrait in conncetion to the mystical light of the sea. It is the SAME nature. Nature's laws are not made by human beings. I n this regard, nature is uncontrolable, independent and follows the law of balance. Study the nature and you will learn how to deal with life.

This is a photomontage. There was a huge storm and i couldn't find a way to capture the wild sea without being blowing away with my scarf. But i am sure i will try it again!

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Anonymous Guest

Heather Leigh Douglas 28 Oct 2008

This is lovely. The sepia and red tones work so well together ~

Fahrettin Oktay 19 Oct 2008

Significant work Madeleine... Very good.

Sigridur Bachmann 24 Aug 2008

Wow.!! Outstanding work my friend.!! Great colors and the movement in the scarf make it Rocks.!!!!

esther baltisberger 17 Aug 2008

Beautiful You .....Madeleine

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 17 Aug 2008

beautiful work, brilliant photo again!!!