Mazal Tov to the RAINBOW ARTIST, Nira !

Today, it's my birthday. I am 44 years old :-) !!
Every minute , every part of second in LIFE, is a change.... .....
Sometimes we can feel observe the change, sometimes less.. This Whole year for me, is such a change, that I truly feel ....
As the days , months past, I feel it even more... in few phases , dimensions.
Each year, we grow from the inside... This year for me, I feel the growth more then ever, until now...
This year, my birthday is in the sign of " 20 years after " finishing my studies at Shenkar college , MOST SATISFYING TIME in my life... (- to be continued in future )
Therefore, I decided to start posting works I made 20 years ago, SO TRUE for TODAY - The year 2008. The fabric you sEE here is hand painted silk, by myself 300 CM X 90 CM.. (1988) Part of big collection of fabrics. The bottom image, you can sEE also body leotard painted by myself.
20 years ago, I maybe had few photos with some of these fabrics, YET... Somehow, and I truly can't understand this today, I had none with the leotards...
Even though my body changed during ALL those years, I can pose much better today ;-)... at least for myself :-)....SO, For myself... to celebrate COLOUR, in best way.. TODAY...
Happy birthday, NIRA !! :-)) !!!!!!!!!!!!
All photos for theses works were taken by myself using a timer ( not yet used my remote control even having it since Oct, at least )
Thanks for being here for ME, at my birthday, as well as in my birthday thread.. and
Thanks for being in my LIFE... LOVE, Nira. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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John Cappello 23 Feb 2012


jimmy guan 21 Jan 2009

These are wonderful Nira. So original haven't seen anything like it.

Marika Antal 29 Dec 2008

extra ordinary i love art!!

Madeleine Weber 22 Aug 2008

Very interesting concept nira...

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear Madeleine.. kind regards, Nira.

Shahram S. Nahavandi 22 Aug 2008

You are so talented Nira! Looks beautiful.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear Shahram.. kind regards, Nira.