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© 2008 Armando Salas --- Here is my version. (Hey, Pam: meanwhile I ate the last eight bonbons :-)))------ It's well known that kids are usually more handsome than their father; this time it also happened this way and as I promised, I'll take my suitcase and run away to hide myself in Patagonia, totally ashamed :-))) All of you are TERRIFIC artists and this one is the last time I start a challenge:-) I never liked so much to be the loser :-) LOL!:-) -------------- About my version: my peixeiras and the fisher haven't eyes nor mouths; it's the way I remember them from my childhood: inexpressive people having hard work, people fighting to survive, to know the next day. After our Civil War, Spanish people knew famine and all sort of privations. People hadn't joy. I was one of the children with no toys or only one per year. Cheap toys indeed. Perhaps this circumstance made possible my mind could dream, invent, travel to wonderful imaginary worlds. My creativity is the consequence of the NOTHING I had. THINGS, I mean, because I always found huge love in my family and friends.----- Still looking for more artists already involved, I want to thank you all for your support. This challenge is an intense experience and I learnt to "see" my art through "alien" eyes. It enriched me and I had -still having- lots of fun. Thank you again. All of you are from out of this world:-)----------------"Peixeiras". Colored pencils on paper. 59 X 42 cm.

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Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 02 Mar 2013

I love this painting! It's very beloved of Galicia!!

Mark Saxton 06 Oct 2008

really good style.

Terry Bassett 20 Aug 2008

I love the simplicity of line in your art Armando and the colours work well too.. It's been a pleasure to be involved in this fun exercise and many thanks for setting it in motion... lol.. you'll never be a loser my friend..:-)

Artist Reply: Thank you,, Terry. I don't know if I'm a loser or a winner... but I'm a fighter for sure! :-)))

Konstantina Daskalaki 19 Aug 2008

Fantastic work Armando, well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carliss Mora 10 Aug 2008

Amazing! Armando, I love your latest pieces.