SO.. What do YOU think of AW changes ?

Well.. I knew they would change.. before their e.mail. Didn't I ?..
They promise a BIG Surprise...Indeed a surprise, I could not find my latest posts... :-)) I found images I posted 4 years ago, on FRONT... and MORE..
I wish to know , what do you think of the changes. I have several disapprovals. Mainly it's the colour choice, as I see it now... I prefer to choose myself the colour of my own background, I find this Grey background as male formal colour suitable for lawyers offices, definitely not for a female artist like me :-)) LOL!

MOST IMPORTANT : the the typing comments and reply is IMPOSSIBLE !! AW must fix it, as it was yesterday... and actually I'm sure they will otherwise, ME IS NOT COMMENTING !

I must say I'm very happy with the blog option of adding photos...


IMPORTANT NOTE : To those who enjoy view my ART, on a daily base...
It is NOW, Posted in RB, On a clean friendly surface, and in CLEAR WONDERFUL Fonts, that can be read very easily. Thanks for your friendship... See you in RB
May we have the JOY,In viewing each other ART...ALWAYS, With LOVE, Nira. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Caballero Salguero 13 Sep 2010

Splendid piece Nira,the kaleidoscope of your mind,the blues of children, flowers of dreams,great drawing and composition,marvelous color tones very delicate,is fantastic, hugs from Spain, Pepe

Eva Dugova 12 Apr 2010

I like this very much. It looks like garden in bird's-eye view.

judit dora 25 Aug 2008

Thank for asking. AW changes are no good I keep on loosing connection, cant" upload like I use too. But your work is lovely.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Jul 2008

Dear Nira I was truly sorry to read on your portfolio that you are not posting again till AW make some changes. I do hope you reconsider if they do not. They should give us a choice of background colours like they did before. As you say, why not the blue and greens not the business like grays. I could not find your messages on the boards. I hope you are ok, I felt you were rather upset the other day and was just concerned. Love Mary

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Jul 2008

Dear Darling Nira, I did not realise you felt so deeply about the changes to AW, sorry if I upset you by saying you could get used to it. is it possible we can set the background to our own requirements, personalise it? email AW and ask them, it should be possible... I hate to think of you upset, I send you a big hug... Love you Geoff.