Certain Sticks  : - )

So ... Who is still afraid of those doctor's sticks :-) ???... It must be ME :-)...Well at least my kids NO... This morning started with Yarin's throats pains... Not too serious... So of - course we went to a swimming lesson, where the pool was too cold, for my kid Yarin , especially considered the water temperature today - 31 degrees Celsius ;-).. outside, the temperature is over 30, for sure... But as Yarin explained so well in the last 2 lessons, it's not the water, it's the air :-)..!! Enjoy the day...May it be full of positive energies to ALL of us...Love, Nira. Copyrights MYSELF.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 30 Sep 2011

eymEWh As usual, the webmaster posted correctly..!

Artist Reply: barry.. ?

geoff cooper 19 Jul 2008

very clever...

Dawn Bigford 17 Jul 2008

Very cool

Alberto D'Assumpcao 15 Jul 2008

Fantastic composition, Nira!!!

Artist Reply: Dear, Alberto.. thanks so much for the visit here... Blessings from the holy land, Nira.

Steven Torrisi 14 Jul 2008

Tongue depressors intermixed with the bubble themes I concur is the feeling of being not being able to breathe whether its getting over the fear of swimming or letting the doctor or dentist examining your mouth Nira.

Artist Reply: Well Steven... it seems, you research the subject quite well , my friend :-)... YET.. Personally I much better at dentist then with these doctor throat check... because, it is at the inside.. very deep, this make me afraid :-))... Best wishes from the holy land.. and SO MUCH THANKS, Nira.