3 Martini Sunset

This is my colorful abstract depiction of the docks at sunset. It’s what I imagine the landscape would look like after 3 martinis, possibly in an upscale dinner club on a romantic Friday evening. Of course the scene is New York City, (which is where I live). The color of the sky is a yellowish orange, and the buildings are dark and mostly obscured or eclipsed by the sun... There is water below, and it is a purplish lavendar color and above that there are aged wood “pilings” (Pilings are: poles embedded in the sea bottom and used to support docks, piers, wharves and other structures that you would see at the docks)... Perhaps the scene is being viewed from aboard a cruise ship, (even more romantic!) The paint is quite thick in places for an "impasto" effect, and I've also used sgrafito (scratches) in the paint to add interest and definition in some areas (to define the water and buildings a bit, but not too much as I wanted the overall scene to remain abstract)... I love this piece and it immediately brings to mind romance whenever I view it. I signed it in the lower right hand corner, and the painting goes all around the deep canvas sides (as shown in the "angled views" here - so there's no need for expensive framing. This piece is ready to hang.


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Fiona Robinson 12 Jul 2008

great abstract and colours Diane

Sharon Gonzalez 08 Jul 2008