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(c)2008 In a parallel universe, on a larger scale than our, the Enterprise discovers a planet with more dylithium crystals than the Federation could ever use. A thousand years of all the energy needs of the whole Federation. Imagine what could be accomplished if we had controlled unlimited energy. What if heaven is that place where all things are possible,...make your reservation now in the name of He Who owns and controls it,....Jesus Christ. :O)

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Aunita Tyler 01 Sep 2008

I love when good art can not only please the eye but also make a person think. Very nice work. :)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 20 Jul 2008

oh, love this, special and great!!!

Sara Deutsch 29 Jun 2008

Beautifully expressed...timely message...

Ginger Lovellette 29 Jun 2008


Emily Reed 27 Jun 2008