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Abandoned Bunny

(c)2008 Bunny in the grass would be a terrific story not just because it could be given a happy ending,...but because it is a sad story too that unfortunately is too often true. The bunny I saw in the grass was not wild, was someone's pet left out in the wild to fend for itself. Abandoning a no longer wanted pet is cruel and I've seen the results of it happenning numerous times. Once I was driving at night on a road outside of town and in the middle of the road was a young white kitten and little baby white bunny. Just as I stopped to get them a young woman in a compact car came, stopped, got out and picked them up. I said thank you to her and that was a kind thing to do,...she said she did it many times before, rescuing young lost or abandoned pets. It shouldn't be. They are easy prey for predators in the wild. But, my story,...bunny in the grass gets a new home. :O)


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Loredana 27 Jun 2008

How cool Gregg

annette steens 27 Jun 2008

wow Greg this is raelly fantastic! lovely colors!

Sharon Gonzalez 26 Jun 2008


Emily Reed 26 Jun 2008

So lovable and cute!