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Wrapped in Colours of Memories...

This morning, around 7:50, my time... I was about to go out of home, when, I felt STRONG excitement in a very sudden strange way...remembering of my music teacher, in elementary school, Tehila Drori ( her maiden name,then ). This post is dedicated in her honor. I haven't seen Tehila about 34 years, I think... just before she followed her husband to Australia, to build her life there. I remember Tehila as a remarkable person.. Back then at the 70's , in our school in Ramat- Gan, Israel almost every kid at school played music, influenced by the charisma of Tehila. True, that there were different times then, comparing to todays life. But, more I can tell you, that undoubtedly, if there are very few teachers that truly impressed me, as a kid.. She was the one !! And I think it starts with her belief in ME... And the confidence she gave me, especially considering the shy girl, I used to be. There was great love in her work... YES, She was also demanding, so that we'll reach achievements in music, and we did as a school and as individuals. I don't understand now, how , Me.. Nira 9-10 years then, used to stand in front of ALL school to play solo in Saxophone Sophranino, the celebration of graduates of school, when they were 14 years of age and their parents . AND.. Yes, when the dentists came to school to make work, also at my mouth.. I was so afraid... it was Tehila, who took me to make play the Sophranino instead... She was VERY CHARMING... I'm sure she still... somewhere there in Australia. Small part of my memories... So for you Tehila, if by chance, you found your name here in my portfolio... You're in my heart... bringing wonderful childhood memories... And, NO... I almost don't remember to read the notes ( i maybe also need new glasses to do so, the age you know )... but very rarely, I play from hearing... with a leaf of maybe 1- 1.5 volume, not more :-)... and... of course, if I play once in 5 years, it's ONLY for myself ;-) ... WITH LOVE, Nira. ~~********************~~ The basic photo for this work, taken in 05, I think... one of my first digital photos. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 26 Jun 2010


Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 26 Jun 2008

Tribute to Tehila!! A much loved muse! Lovely!

thea walstra 25 Jun 2008

Very beautiful memories and work Nira. Have a wonderful day!

Tahnja Wolter 23 Jun 2008

the lower image is amazing!

Teresa Dominici 23 Jun 2008

Beautiful two images and a nice warm tribute for your music teacher Tehila.