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Give The Sun A Chance

(c)2008 If the government really wanted to help out in a significant way,...why not give a rebate check directly to every homeowner in the U.S. to reinburse everyone who equips their home to use and produce solar power. That would not only be a gift that would keep on giving but would solve a lot of personal and national energy expenses. So,...let the sun take a rest,...he's in for a lot of work in the near future! hehehe :O)

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Anonymous Guest

stephanie atlee 23 Jun 2008

I love this and definitely Washington State's Motto. A great smile for the day

Cynthia DeMaio 20 Jun 2008

Very cute it makes me smile :)

Sharon Gonzalez 20 Jun 2008

This certainly is a happy piece of art, Gregg! Love it!

Emily Reed 20 Jun 2008


Evelyn Simon 20 Jun 2008

I like the way you've made the colors shine, almost sparkle.