Cat and Mouse Over Wake

In the beginning hours of World War II, a Marine Corps F4F Wildcat from VMF-211 attacks a Japanese Mitsubishi "Nell" bomber over Wake Island.


Anonymous Guest

Jane Dugan 01 Jun 2008

I am going to make you laugh.... (my eyesight is not whatit used to be At first glance I was saying to myself ......wheres the cat. Wheres the mouse...... I could not make anything of the image I was seeing. Enlarged .....I was struck in awe!

Dean Huck 01 Jun 2008

This is a really nice image, Marc.

Anonymous Guest 01 Jun 2008

Did you know that a print of this fantastic painting is hanging in the AirOps on Wake Island? The print is signed by four of the surviving pilots who flew against the Japanese on Wake.